Publish Thesis

Authors are invited to submit their original, Dissertations/Thesis for consideration of publication in IJTCSE proceedings. Dissertation/Thesis can be in the field of Engineering, Technology and related disciplines.

  • Submitted dissertations or thesis to IJTCSE¬† must already have been approved by an affiliated department or by research committee.
  • Authors must submit their final dissertations or thesis accompanied with the¬†Dissertation/Thesis Form.
  • Review Process of the accepted Dissertation /Thesis takes not less than 1 week.
  • Once the Dissertation/Thesis is accepted, the author(s) are assumed to send copyrights of the Dissertation/Thesis and registration form to IJTCSE.
  • Authors have full right to decide either to publish Full-Text or Summaries/Abstracts for their respective dissertation or thesis.
  • All published dissertations and thesis will be indexed in IJTCSE regular indexing sites.
  • Authors shall therefore retain the complete copyright of their respective dissertations and thesis.