June 2018 Published Papers

IJTCSE Receiving the papers for June 18.

The papers already accepted by our reviewers are given below.


Road Surface Condition Detection System

Author-Mr.M.Rajkumar,RMD Engineering College,Chennai

An Efficeient Landmine Detection System Using Raspberry Pi3

Author -Mr.Rajkumar.S, R.M.D Engineering College,Chennai

Smart Bot Home Automation System Using IoT And Android

Author -Dr.P.Ezhumalai , R.M.D Engineering College,Chennai

Internet of Things Based Management on Diabetes

Author -Mr.K. Mohanasundaram , R.M.D Engineering College,Chennai

Semantic Web Ranking Using Hits Methodology

Author -John Vaseekaran.S, Research Scholar,Sathyabhama Institute of Science and Technology, India

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